Fig 2. About

NICK Pty Ltd is not an advertising agency – well not a traditional one. We don't have lots of people sitting in cubicles, wearing suits, dropping buzzwords, playing ping pong or doing lunch. We're a small, enthusiastic bunch of experienced people who do our very best for the brands we've been entrusted with. And our very best is pretty damn good. NICK has, through osmosis and magic, brought together an incredible team of art directors, designers, writers, strategists, thinkers, doers, coffee connoisseurs and excellent tea makers.

Fig 3. News

Welcome to Fab Feb

10th February 2017

Hang on to your undies, we're almost a quarter of the way through the year! We may still be constantly reminding ourselves to write '7' instead of '6' every time we jot down the date, but everything else about the new year is going fabulously.

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or call +61 7 3171 2233

Brisbane Office
Unit 4, 33A Logan Road,
Woolloongabba QLD 4102